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G&RD Solutions, LLC (G&RD) is a service-disabled, veteran-owned software development firm. G&RD has Top Secret (SCI) security clearance through the Department of Defense and is a Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE).

We have been in business since 2001, and have a staff with a wealth of software development experience. G&RD has provided a wide array of software development solutions ranging from Cloud-based big data solutions to web applications.

Also, we have provided solutions utilizing several software development languages and methodologies, including but not limited to Hadoop, Java, Map/Reduce, Pig, Hive, PHP, ColdFusion, ASP, ASP.NET, HTML, DHTML, XHTML, JavaScript, SML, AJAX, CSS and SQL. We have developed these solutions on numerous platforms including both the Microsoft Windows and UNIX/LINUX environments. Our focus is on providing excellent software solutions coupled with excellent customer service.

Company Profile

Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business
Maryland’s MBE Certification Number: DOT MBE 06-380
Active in SAM
DUNS Number: 088608570
CAGE Code: 4VTD8
Small Business Reserve: SB10-4004
   511210 – Computer Software Design and Development
   518210 – Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services
   541511 – Custom Computer Programming Service
   541512 – Computer Systems Design and Integration Services
   541519 – Software Installation Services, Computer
   611420 – Computer Training
   514618 – Other Management Consulting Services
   541990 – All Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services



We have been in business since 2001, and have a staff with a wealth of software development experience.

G&RD has spent the last six years in extensive research and development of big data solutions. We have gained experience in networking and installing software. G&RD has provided a wide array of software development solutions ranging from cloud-based big data solutions to web applications. These solutions have been provided utilizing several software development languages, including but not limited to, Hadoop, Pig, Hive, Spark, PHP, ColdFusion, ASP, ASP.NET, HTML, DHTML, XHTML, Java, JavaScript, SML, AJAX, CSS and SQL. We have developed these solutions on numerous platforms including both the Microsoft Windows and UNIX environments. Our focus is on providing excellent software solutions and excellent customer service.

G&RD Solutions provides software development services that comprises the full development life cycle. We offer services that include software development, project management, web design and development, database design and development, software testing and validation and server administration. Below is an overview of each of the services that is provided by G&RD.

Hadoop Administration

G&RD developers have been instrumental in the development of a big data solution for Social Security Administration. The solution entails utilizing Apache Hadoop for the storage of data sets larger than 100TB. Our developers have worked on Cloudera’s distribution of Hadoop, installing it on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS and Ubuntu versions of the Linux platform. As such, our developers have gained a vast amount of experience installing and administering the cloud-based Hadoop development environment.

Big Data Development

In our developers’ efforts in completing a big data solution for SSA, we also conducted development efforts in ingesting data into and retrieving data out of the Hadoop cluster. Our developers utilized Java to develop Map/Reduce code used to produce results. We also used Hive and Pig development techniques in the extraction of data. As such, we have the capability to provide full-service big data support to both commercial and government clients.

Software Development

G&RD assists clients with design, implementation, installation, systems integration, operations, and maintenance of computer software. G&RD’s team of developers combines over forty years of experience with technical expertise in the current programming languages and methodologies including Cold Fusion, ASP.NET, Java, PHP, JavaScript, AJAX, HTML, JSP, C, C#, C++, XML and ASP. This experience has allowed our team members to hone their development skills, as well as maintain a full understanding of the software development life cycle. Our developers have a vast array of development experience in both Windows and UNIX environments for both commercial and government clients.

Project Management

G&RD project managers capture development requirements by utilizing case models and supplementary specifications. Further, we have utilized SCRUM and other similar development and management methods. We have also utilized Rapid Application Development (RAD) sessions and Joint Application Development sessions to gather customer requirements. Our project managers work to facilitate defining the development scope and details of the requirements, how the requirements relate to and depend on each other, and promoting a common vocabulary to ensure that all parties involved are well-informed of the development tasks.

The project managers at G&RD take extra special care to ensure that the stakeholders understand their desired outcome and agree to the written requirements before development begins. By working with our development staff and other members of our company, our project managers ensure that the requirements and user interface are kept in sync. Our project managers have a wealth of experience in gathering requirements, overseeing that projects are on task, and ensuring that the system produces the results expected by our clients.

Web Design and Development

G&RD’s services also include web application development, UNIX system administration, site analysis and optimization, and development of client-server applications and web applications using UNIX, Windows Platforms, Java, Websphere, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Adobe Cold Fusion, Microsoft Active Server pages, Visual Basic, Adobe Homesite and DreamWeaver. G&RD also provides customized systems using Adobe Flash and ActionScript.

Database Design and Development

G&RD’s developers have a wide array of experience in working with the following database systems: DB2, ORACLE, SQL Server, MS Access and MySQL. Our developers are experts at database normalization and optimization, as well as data modeling. Our developers are also proficient in various other database administrative functions such as data recovery, data security, and database backup. Further, we develop big data solutions using Pig scripts and Hive QL.

Software Testing and Validation

G&RD’s testing and validation staff evaluates the attributes and capabilities of a program or system and determines if the required results have been met. We test to improve quality (functionality, engineering, and adaptability) and for verification and validation. Our staff members also perform testing and validation of database systems and models. We have a well-structured system of validation in place that helps to ensure the high-quality solutions our customers’ desires.

G&RD is able to provide solutions to any size company’s software needs. We provide business solutions such as big data development, shopping carts, content management systems, data manipulation services, creation of customized reporting tools and business marketing tools. We are not only able to provide solutions for new software needs, but we also have the ability to maintain existing systems not developed by G&RD. Although this can be a challenging task, this experience and service has provided G&RD with the knowledge to handle software developed in a myriad of styles. Thus, equipped with the knowledge obtained from this experience, our developers are properly suited for software development in most software development environments.

G&RD maximizes the potential of software developers by ensuring that they have the latest skills in multiple development areas. Each of our developers is proficient in software development and database development. Also, our project managers are also proficient in software testing and validation. Another staple of our business model is our focus on customer satisfaction. We ensure that we promptly reply to customer requests and handle any issues as soon as they arise.

Clinical Review and Quality Improvement

The G&RD Solutions Clinical Review and Quality Improvement (CR&QI) team is comprised of clinical professionals that are dedicated to providing our clients and partners with quality service for medical record review and/or quality assurance and improvement projects.  We have the skills and experience to manage projects on a state, regional or national level and perform medical record review and abstraction onsite and/or remotely so location is never an issue.  As an IT company, our expertise in software and database development, web design and cybersecurity means that we have the ability to build, support and/or utilize any platform as well as ensure that patient data is always secure. The CR&QI team has a wealth of experience in different aspects of medical record review and abstraction, call center operations, case management, training, data analytics, and quality assurance and improvement activities. We have the capabilities to provide the services below:

Medical Record Review and Abstraction
Onsite and Remote Reviews
ICD-9/ICD-10 Coding
Risk Adjustment and Health Information Exchange (ACA)
RADV Support
Case Review, Claim Reviews, Peer Reviews
DRG Reviews, EMTALA Reviews

Call Center Operations
Inbound and Outbound Calls
Case Management
Patient Engagement and Education

Data Analytics
Tracking and Trending
Summary Publication

Quality Assurance and Improvement
Quality Audits including Interrater Reliability
Utilization of Data Analytics to Drive Change
Survey Administration and Focus Groups


Below is a list of some of the notable clients for which G&RD Solutions has provided software/services:


  • Social Security Administration
  • Automated Graphic Systems
  • The Cato Institute
  • National Health Policy Forum
  • SliceWorks, Inc.
  • Georgetown University Press
  • NeuroNet Solutions
  • NASA
  • The Griots’ Circle of Maryland, Inc.
  • Janice the Griot
  • Isis Internet Technology Solutions
  • New York American Marketing Association

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